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A place where you can freely showcase your creativity and uniqueness. We are more than just an online jewellery shop, we serve as your virtual workshop for natural and lab-grown diamonds, encouraging you to delve into a voyage of self-expression and customisation when creating your bespoke engagement rings and jewellery.

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5 Important Considerations When Purchasing A Diamond Engagement Ring

set a budget to spend on your custom lab-grown diamond engagement ring
Set a budget

When buying a diamond engagement ring, prioritise a budget that best suits you or your partner's needs, style and preferences.

search for the best quality custom lab-grown diamond engagement
Evaluate the 4C's

The 4Cs of a diamond - carat (size), cut (sparkle), color (hue), and clarity (flawlessness) - are determines a diamond's quality and value.

various choices of shapes of eco-friendly diamond for lab-grown diamond engagement
Choose your shape

To find the perfect diamond shape, consider your and the partner's style, ensuring a harmonious and ideal aesthetic match.

choose your lab-grown diamond engagement ring styles
Choose a ring style

Choose an engagement ring style that complements the wearer's taste, lifestyle, keeping in mind factors like metal type and design.

find your lab-grown diamond engagement ring size
Identify the ring size

Finding your partner's ring size can be a fun and sneaky adventure, and we've got a handy ring size guide right here to help you out!

Why choose us?

Personalisation to Perfection

At Adaia Diamonds, we celebrate the unique tapestry of each love story or milestone. Our commitment is to encourage creativity, empowering you to design a piece that resonates with your individuality. Whether you're drawn to timeless classics or crave something avant-garde, our online atelier is your canvas for self-expression.

Seamless Customisation

We understand that the process of creating your perfect engagement ring or jewellery should be as seamless as possible. We are here to make customising a bespoke piece online a breeze. Navigate through an array of designs or start with a blank slate – the choice is yours. Our intuitive interface and expert guidance ensure that every decision is effortless. Simply contact us to turn your vision into a tangible masterpiece from the comfort of your home.

Your Creativity, Our Craftsmanship

Adaia Diamonds, a haven for creativity and craftsmanship, features skilled jewellers with over 20 years of experience and creative designers. We seamlessly unite these artisans with cutting-edge technology to craft uniquely beautiful pieces. From the initial sketch to the final polish, each step in our process is infused with passion and precision, ensuring your jewellery narrates your story with unmatched sophistication.

Your vision, Your Price

Luxury should be accessible and we believe in making custom creations affordable. We are committed to transparency and affordability. No hidden costs, no compromises on quality. Your vision, your budget – we make it work. Your dream engagement ring or jewellery piece is not just a wish; it's a reality waiting to be crafted at Adaia Diamonds.

Virtual / In-Person Consultation

Discover the world of custom engagement rings and jewellery at our conveniently located Perth CBD office. Join us for a personalised, virtual or in-person consultation with our expert consultant to explore engagement rings or customise your own unique piece. Whether you prefer ready-made designs or a virtual consultation, let us be a part of your journey, creating a meaningful piece tailored to your specifications and expectations. Commemorate life's milestones with a piece that goes beyond its material value.

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